Tabbies and Turpitude is Live!


When Ruby hears that Miss Hazel Potts, the biggest grump in Port Blanchet, has been rendered unconscious after being crushed under a deluge of newspapers at the PTA paper drive, Ruby questions whether the unfortunate event was really an accident.

Could it be that Hazel's nephew, who aspires to become the next Mr. Elvis Presley, has finally gotten fed up with his aunt's interference with his debut into show business? What about those rumors Hazel has been spreading about the mayor and the beautiful Mrs. Minot being on a left-handed honeymoon? Could the illicit couple have decided to shut Hazel's yapper for good?

The more Ruby digs, the more she realizes just how many people wish Hazel Potts ill. Then, when another unlikeable local ends up dead, Ruby is more certain than ever that something sinister is afoot in the sleepy town of Port Blanchet.

This is a novella-length humorous cozy murder mystery set in the 1950s.

About the Ruby Hobbs Mysteries:

Ruby Hobbs, the widow of the late Port Blanchet Chief of Police, is unwilling to spend her golden years simply volunteering with the township bookmobile, looking after her motherless grandchildren, and indulging her menagerie of cats.

Instead, she takes on all the unsolved cases that seem to crop up with regularity in her small town on the shores of Lake Huron, much to the chagrin of her son, George, who's taken up his father's mantle as Port Blanchet's new Police Chief.

This series of novella-length humorous cozies are set in the 1950s and feature a large cast of quirky characters and period detail.

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