Little Tombstone Cozy Mysteries

About the Little Tombstone Cozy Mystery Series

These quirky, light-hearted cozies are set in rural New Mexico and feature a collection of endearing residents from the village of Amatista and its main attraction, a dilapidated roadside tourist stop called Little Tombstone. Little Tombstone is a truncated version of its namesake, Tombstone, Arizona, and is home to a variety of sweet but eccentric characters.

The Cast of Recurring Characters

Emma Iverson: Our sleuth and heir to Little Tombstone.
Earp: Emma's ancient and irritable pug, inherited from her Great Aunt Geraldine.
Hercules: Earp's porcine companion.
Juanita Gonzoles: Proprietress of the Bird Cage Cafe.
Georgia: Emma's cousin and coheir.
Maxwell: Georgia's precocious six-year-old son
Marcus Ledbetter: Veteran and undercover stock-picking genius.
Hank Edwards: Curator of the Museum of the Unexplained and conspiracy theory enthusiast.
Phyliss: Hank's longtime ladylove.
Morticia: Resident psychic.
Katie: Mail carrier and mother to Chamomile.
Chamomile: Waitress at the Bird Cage.
Jason Wendell: Amatista's only lawyer and most eligible bachelor.
Oliver: Resident handyman and Australian transplant.
Nancy Flynn: Neighboring rancher and mayor of Amatista.
Freddy Fernandez: Amatista's devout barber and lay preacher.

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